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by MoneyMike » Sat May 22, 2021 4:06 am

Hello everybody! I've had my Envoy for a few years as my daily driver and having taken it on some pretty mild dirt roads to get to camping spots or haul steel targets out, I found myself wishing I had a little more ground clearance. That desire led me to a ton of reading on here and the other forums that cover the 360 platform, and really gave me the bug to make my truck better suited for overlanding and offroad. So far, the only things I've personally done to it are some general maintenance like an oil change, straightening out saggy hinges on a back passenger door, and replacing the stock coolant thermostat and temp sensor when it got stuck. I also got my PCM tuned by PCMofNC and am waiting for my 2" BDS lift with Fox shocks to ship.

When it comes time for new tires in a year or so, maybe earlier if I just want to do it, I'd like to go all out with a rear axle upgrade to the 8.6" to facilitate re-gearing to 4.10's and a rear locker. This will go hand in hand with 32.2" tires, new wheels and adapters for them, a diy fabbed swingarm rear bumper for the spare and a front bumper to match, and z71 springs and radflo coilovers to support the additional weight. In the coming couple of months though, I'll take on the much less daunting projects of installing the lift kit with what I've got now, and making up some rock sliders to replace the running boards on there now. I'll draw on the wealth of knowledge from what others have done and posted here and post my progress up as I go.

Thanks for all the great information you guys have put up on here, I'm looking forward to rewarding and hopefully not too frustrating projects, and fun times taking my truck to cool places it can't yet go.
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by AlekG » Wed Jun 02, 2021 5:05 pm

Welcome, sounds like a good plan. The only thing I would do some more research on is the RadFlo coilovers. Search for comments on very bad rusting problems. Here's a post on the Facebook group: ... 6567545348

And I have seen even worse examples on other threads.

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