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by cpyonker » Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:59 pm

Better late than never right??

So we decided to go take the truck for its first off-road trip with the lift.
So my dad, uncle, cousin and me piled in the TB and my dads 2018 equinox company vehicle.

We battled overheating issues the whole way, eventually we got there and checked in. We then left the Equinox (emergency get home vehicle) the parking lot and hit the trails!

First trail we did was whispering woods. It was this trail that defeated us last time and claimed our rear window. So after reaching our previous turn around point with relative ease, we had a moment of silence for the fallen window and plodded on. When we reached a mud hole that was too rutted for the Tb we took the apparent bypass... yay atv trail. After squeezing through that we ended up back on whispering woods. The trail dumped onto a trail alongside the main pit. Followed that back to the main road. Hurrah whispering woods has been defeated.

Next we ended up at the mud flats. We found that the duratracs gripped extremely well and kept us from getting stuck in the mud.

We then wandered around in the spiderweb known as mild to wild. The truck did everything there with ease. From a log to some very rutted out holes.

Exiting that trail near coliseum we decided to play in the rocks. This was my first time rock crawling a 1.1 truck and I must say it was a BLAST. It did the pipes no problem and nearly drove the slabs but got high centered.

All in all it was a great way to start driving it again.

A baby mudhole

Mud flats

TB in its natural habitat

Getting close to needing that snorkel

I make it look like my dad babies it

Front discoed

That rocks were fun, now I need a winch

And another addict to offroading, all he talked about for the rest of the week. This and how his first car is gonna be 4x4

And a video
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