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ABG 2003 TB in FL!

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by Pillow » Sun Aug 29, 2021 8:55 pm

Our neighbor gave my daughter a rusty pile of Trailblazer a few weeks ago and we have been steadily putting her back in proper shape. This should provide a good kids car and something to bomb around at Gambler events or just goof off in the beach sand.

You say free... No it is was a PILE! Misfire on two coils and completely neglected for years. Mouse nest in the HVAC blower. AC did not blow cold. 3 qts of gross engine oil in there. Zero front diff oil. The rear diff oil was gross. Spare tire was removed with an angle grinder... Maybe a hole in the frame (no maybe about it). Seafoam to the rescue on the injectors and engine flush!!!

Drivers side front diff seal is leaking fairly badly. I am not looking forward to replacing that, but must be done.

She's running really well now after complete fluid changes, new coils, plugs, blower motor, freon charge up, and other BS to get her right again. We put in new HU and speakers as two of the factory ones were dead.

AT Tires 265/70/16 will be this week. Wally World Cooper Discovery's should be fine. Order a skidplate hopefully in stock. And install the 2" front strut lift.

FWIW and I'm not sure if he is still around, but MAY03LT's YT videos are hilarious and accurate... There is a lot of trash info out there in some of the YT how-to videos.

Next weekend we hope to hit Ocala State Park in FL to get sandy and muddy! Yeeeaaaahhh

IMO the Trailblazer is a forgotten decent 4WD vehicle that screams mid 2000s GM for better or worse. Not great, but not bad and EASY to work on.

Thank you!!!
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by Diacom » Fri Sep 03, 2021 10:57 pm

Welcome to the Site Adrian.

It sounds like you've made a good effort in getting this vehicle back on the road for your daughter. Hopefully it provides a safe and useful vehicle for her for some time.

Keep up the good work!
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