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Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to get 6IV Shiny Ditto

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by Candy » Mon Jun 21, 2021 4:55 am

The capture method of 6IV Ditto is different from the capture method of the normal version of Ditto. For casual players, the best way is to Buy Shiny Pokemon. Trainers need to get this special version through assault combat. Dittos can be spawned in the raid location in the rocky wilderness part of the wilderness area.

If there is no raid, the trainer can buy a wishing film and save it before using it to force the Ditto raid. Trainers should turn off the automatic save function and set the text speed to be slower so that they are ready to press Home immediately when using the wishlist. If the light emitted is purple, please reinstall and fight with the team. If the color is red, please close and restart the game and try again.

Finally, once the trainers of Pokemon Sword and Shield discover the purple light, the same number of perfect IV Ditto will be waiting inside. The star ranking in the upper left corner will determine how many perfect IVs Ditto will have. If you don't have more time to do this, you can buy 6IV Shiny Ditto to save time.
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