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by mimoman » Mon Jun 20, 2022 5:47 pm

Hi all, I am excited to start my TB softroader build, I just got a 2003 TB EXT with g80 and 4.11 gearing, I already ordered a 3/2 supreme suspension lift kit and 1.5" wheel spacers. Next steps are getting approximately 32" tires and rebuilding the suspension a bit.

I am super confused about getting the correct rear shocks. If I understand it correctly I need longer shocks in order to incorporate the 2" lift in the rear, and I see that people use Tahoe shocks to do that. When I search for those I see so many options on part sites, ranging from 15"/24" shock length collapsed/extended to whopping 18"/30" ones, all supposedly compatible with 2006 Tahoe. Any advice please?

Also, any advice on shock brands? I am looking at getting bilstein 5100 series ones to upgrade it from stock ride a bit, but they are a bit pricey, any thoughs on that?

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by flyboy2610 » Tue Jun 21, 2022 6:14 pm

Welcome! I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to be much help with the shocks issue. Maybe give Supreme Suspensions a call and ask them?
I have an '04 TB EXT myself. Currently has a ReadyLift 2" front, 1" rear leveling kit on it, it's the "top hat" style that bolts on top of the strut mount. I've since found out that that's not the best way to go, so it's going to be replaced with a BDS 2" lift. This one replaces the upper strut mount completely. I made up new struts using MOOG springs, the BDS lift/mount, and Monroe struts. The rear will get Z71 Tahoe springs and Rough Country shocks. I'm going to keep the 1" aluminum spacer from ReadyLift in the rear and see how it rides. Removing the spacer, if needed, is no big deal.
I'm also running BORA 1-1/2" aluminum spacers (, and 265/70R17 Firestone Destination A/T2's ( ... 265-70r17/). These are 31.7" diameter tires, so they're right in the range you're looking for. I've had them on since last July and have been very happy with them! I don't do much off-roading, but they did great last winter in the snow, and they just laugh at heavy rain!
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