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by Mr_5prinkles » Tue Apr 21, 2020 8:32 pm

:flex dirty: Hello everyone!
I found this forum while exploring Trailvoy, Im sure thats a common occurrence around here, I'm in the process of attaining a 3" Front / 2" Rear supreme supension lift, any and all criticism is well accepted. Im looking at flipping control arms and using 1.5" wheel spacers, stock 17" rims w/ 265/75/17 tires, MDB fab 3" lift bumper, and bilstein shocks. If theres anything I'm missing please feel free fo educate me. Im aware of the added stress to the tie rod's, and will look at doing the silverado 2500 mod once they start to wear out.

My 3 main questions are:

Does anyone have experience with the Supreme Suspension 3" lift kit?

Is 32.6" dia tires acceptable for 3.43 gears (I dont plan on mudding, or climbing big rocks with my truck)

And finally: what kind of stress am i adding to my CV axles, and is theres a mod to protect them?

Thank you, and I'm really looking forward to my journey on/with this forum!
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Name: James
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