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similar to all VC errors in the NBA 2K series

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by Skyzhay » Fri Nov 19, 2021 11:03 pm

It should also be noted Nba 2k22 Mt that, similar to all VC errors in the NBA 2K series, it's possible that using these techniques with a clear intention could result in your account being blocked. Although 2K has been less heavy-handed in doling out these kinds of penalties recently, it is still a risk to take.

Take note that you're taking an opportunity to risk using any route that isn't sanctioned for VC. As such, we are not responsible for any disciplinary consequences that might result from the use of these glitches. Now that we have everything set, let's go to the best part.

Following the release of NBA 2K22, players found they could get easy VC by deciding to quit the next-gen version of the game as the first game at Brickley's Fitness was about to end. This is technically still possible when you update the game to 2K22 however there's a new wrinkle to the procedure. In order to get your VC and badges from the game, players actually must be able to win every time.

Open up your MyCareer, particularly for a profile you've created that's worked past all the opening tutorials. Then, head to Brickley's Gym, which is marked on your City map. Then, enter the building, and start your first game by talking to the NPC inside. Right after your badge progress comes up at the conclusion of the match, quit out to end the session.

Log back in, and then buy mt nba 2k22 immediately speed up your travel using the appropriate bumper. If the glitch is fixed right, you'll see that it's still playing as though you never played that game. However, you still get to keep any badges or VC you have earned from the previous win. So, just keep playing for the very first time. keep winning and take advantage of the winnings.
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