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by Skyzhay » Fri Nov 19, 2021 11:05 pm

What skills would earn you OSRS GP the highest amount of money at 99? These are the three skills I would think about. They do not require years of experience like theiving and runecrafting.

Consider which one would be most porifiable. I could use a d-wc axe to cut willows at BA, fish in shile, and powermine 47k granite.

Light, I sometimes don't get it. You are always coming up with new goals at least 3-4 times per week. It is time to put your attention on one thing, and not let others determine what YOU should do. You can then take their advice and follow the advice for about 10 minutes before asking another question: What should be my next move?

This is it. Now let's move on to the question. Which skill are you most at ease with? Since the downturn in prices, fishing has not been an choice. For centuries, magics have maintained a level of 1K. Leaf mining. My bet is that from a financial perspective mining is the most profitable option. Iron ore that is 28 gallons are easier to mine and store than 3 magelogs. When you're mining iron, take your Miscellanian workers to work on coal. Afterward ....make cannon balls and you'll earn two abilities as well as good cash.

I ran some numbers, but old school runescape buy gold couldn't find the right answer. 47k granite. How did you come up with that number? Even if you could control granite size and get medium size, to reach 99 you'd still need more than 168k. Smaller than 47k would give you 85 mining, but you won't have a chance of mining Runite against the very best miners. .... Instead of thinking about how to get to 99, you should focus on what you do once you have it.
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