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by nfkjasfas » Wed Oct 27, 2021 1:39 am

Random NPCs appeared and gave you special items or led you to places that were not known. These were known as "random events". There was also a mime one (Evil Bob), lederhosen OSRS Boosting, and other items that would increase your popularity with your peers and to improve your skills. These events are an added bonus to Runescape.

Your main goal is to achieve the highest combat level. You'll be able to combat more powerful NPCs and Runescape characters when you are able to increase your Attack, Strength and Defense or Magic and Range. You can become a member to take on the Duel Arena or Wilderness, Pest control, and many other mini games later. The variety of activities you could do on Runescape was limitless and there was always something to keep you occupied.

Simply reading your fishing levels while you were fishing for swordfish and lobsters in Musa Point/Karamja entertained you. It was a long and tedious journey to reach Port Sarim, Draynor Village’s banks (as this was the closest).

To then return to Port Sarim carrying your fishing equipment purchased at Gerrant. To catch fish, you'd have to pay 30gp. It was a long process to fish for swordfish and lobsters using a harpoon OSRS Fire Cape Buy. Then, you could sell the fish for a fair price and earn a profit.
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