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Mofab 2inch front level

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by gharding951 » Wed May 11, 2022 10:59 pm

So I'm looking to level my 04 trailblazer EXT. Since MarkMc doesn't make him anymore, I've been looking around for other options. I recently came upon a mofab 2 inch front level. I'm just wondering if there's anybody on here as any kind of experience or anything with that form of bolt on top the strut spacer. It's a daily driving vehicle and is only a weekend warrior for the trails. No I'm also looking into possibly getting a 3-in front lift and giving me just that extra ground clearance. Supreme suspension has what looks to be a similar style to the mofab but would raise the front 3 in. So I'm wondering do I either go with one of those two or do I get the supreme suspension two and a half inch front where you have to disassemble the strut and install the lift that way. Also I've heard but I can't really find too many topics on front CV axles binding and coming out of place with the lift but have heard of it so if anybody would like to help me figure out that problem as well and what I should be concerned about when lifting the front that would also be amazing.
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by flyboy2610 » Thu May 12, 2022 6:06 pm

Last June I installed the ReadyLift 2" front, 1" rear leveling kit on my '04 TB EXT. I have since learned, through internet research, that the bolt on top style is not really the best way to do it. I recently built some new struts with a BDS 2" strut mount replacement style lift, Monroe Sens-A-Trac shocks (because that's what I could find in stock) and MOOG 81114 springs. I'm going to install those and MOOG 81069 Z71 Tahoe springs in the rear when I can find the time.
The leveling kit has worked fine, I have no complaints, but just decided to do things a different way. I'm going to leave the 1" spacer in the rear until I've driven the truck long enough for the rear suspension to settle, and then see where things sit.
I would do the strut mount replacement style if I were you. I understand it's a better way to do it because it preloads the spring. Just be real careful, and use good quality spring compressors with some type of safety on them, or have the struts built by a shop if you don't feel safe doing it.
As far as the CV axles go, I always recommend that people with IFS trucks (like us) install limit straps if going off road.

There are different styles of straps available. Some research will find you what you need.
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