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looking for confirmation and input.

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by JakAttak » Sun Apr 19, 2020 6:39 pm

im looking to lift my 03 tb ext 2wd just a bit and upgrade some parts. currently factory shocks and springs seem toast 190k on them not sure if or when they were ever changed. (2nd owner) My truck is overdue for some tlc so while im in there replacing things i figured why not make it less like a mini van. i tow a 20ft boat when i get time and run a steel carry all the rest of the time. looking to gain some clearance/capability for various off path boat ramps and grove/electrical roads. Mostly good old florida sugar sand.

planned upgrades.

lift: -Rough country level kit 2" front 3/4" rear

Front suspension: - Moog 81110 coil springs. which should replace the 886 factory springs. i have the 884's in mine.this
will be slightly stiffer ride and a "wheel lift" of.63" pre bull bar. i will be adding a bull bar to the front which will help compensate
for the wheel lift and stiffness a loss of ~.20"-.25" bringing me back to ~.43"-.38" respectively.
- Bilstein HD 24-103336

Rear suspension: - Tahoe rear coils part # 15234633 i hear they are stiff but i almost always have a carryall on the back
with rack ~ 75lbs empty
- Skyjacker shock n8030

Wheels: - 1.5" hub/wheelcentric 6x127 wheel spacer
- stock wheels

Tires: - Treadwright Warden At's 265/70r17 which measure Rim Width Range: 7-9" Tire Tread Width: 8.4” Section
Width: 11.4" Outer Tire Diameter:
I know im way behind on the times but if there is ANYONE left out there to look me over and double check my numbers. I would appreciate any suggestions, im all ears! with all of this installed would you guys recommend the UCA flip & swap or is this not aggressive enough to warrant? When installing the tahoe springs do i need a different spring seat or are they direct swaps? Am i of sound mind thinking this complied list will work together? Will i require trimming on the fenders given the tire specs? current tires are p245/65r17 specifically 29.5" x 9"
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by bartonmd » Thu Apr 23, 2020 11:53 am

That lift is a safe one, but if I was doing it right now, I'd be doing the Bilstein 5100 height adjustable fronts for the lift, and I'd buy a the 2.7" longer 5100's from the "bilstein shocks for lifted rears" thread. I'd guy a $45 death lift from ebay, scrap the death-lift part (the front outside strut spacers) and use the rear spacers from it. I don't know anything about the aftermarket front springs, because I did my "87's" before the aftermarket ones were available.

On the Warden Treadwrights, I'd pass and get KO2 or any of the other good but lesser priced tires. The General AT's, etc. The material TW uses is super soft and low tech, so the tires last like 1/2 as long as good tires do, so the $/mile is about the same as tires like the KO2 and such. Also, they're heavy as hell, so they'll cost you gas and more wear and tear on your vehicle.

The spacers/wheels are good.

You might hit up the "offroad trailblazers" group on facebook for more responses.

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by JakAttak » Fri Apr 24, 2020 4:43 pm

thanks so much for the reply, Mike. i love the idea of the ride adjustable shocks. will that require the uca to be flipped also or does it negate the need? the front shocks from the "bilstein shocks for lifted rears" thread was item number Bilstein BE5-6248-H5 5100 Series Gas Shock Absorber correct? was there a reason not to use z71's in rear? i do carry weight back there daily and my springs seem tired. You have a great point about the treadwrights, it was the one spec i didnt look at...weight. unfortunately i dont have or want a facebook. but maybe i will have to break down. i appreciate your time

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