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AWD sleeve and transfer/differential wear

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by anton74 » Sat Jun 27, 2020 6:19 am

Hello everyone,
I am planning to rebuild my axle disconnect with the AWD sleeve. It seems that many people already did this mod. However, I did not find any information on the long-term consequences of this mod. My only concern is the additional wear of the front differential and the transfer. I would rather rebuild my disconnect every year than replacing the differential or transfer after a couple of years. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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by larryk » Thu Aug 06, 2020 10:10 am

When you are in 2wd mode, with the AWD sleeve, the whole front differential will rotate on the main bearings, and your front driveshaft will spin...yet wont be connected up in the transfer case. So yes, there will be more wear on the pinion bearing and seal, along with the main differential side bearings, transfer case seal, and bearings also. HOWEVER, there will be literally no load (outside of intertial)so wear will be minimal. Without the AWD sleeve the front differential side gears will still spin (as the drivers side axle is always live), and the internal differential gears will spin with the passenger side one and intermediate shaft and side gear in the disco spinning in the OPPOSITE direction of the drivers side.

IMO, the bearings/seals that will wear slightly more are MUCH easier to replace/service than the internal differential gears that are not so much.

You may also lose 1-2 mpg with the sleeve, but to each their own on that.
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