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by KielTb » Mon May 02, 2016 8:47 pm

So after much research and drooling over the roadies second row platform and JD'so rear storage box I decided to try my hand at combining the two with a slight twist. Originally was going to Hurculiner the floor so I removed the carpet after the seats and was going to attempt to adjust and reroute wiring to the sides so they wouldn't get damaged.
Most of that got scrapped due to weather time and work constraints, but I finally got a weekend off to attempt the project. Excuse my poor carpentry skills and fitment as this is still the first and only vehicle I've attempted to modify. First attempt (sorry no picture) was using 3/8 plywood and bracing underneath to make a roadie style platform only covering the lower floor in the middle. Plywood too thin and floors uneven enough that I couldn't use what little wood I had to come up with a sturdy platform I was happy with. Scrapped it. Take two with help from a friend was cutting down the 3/4 fiberboard I had planned on being the final top layer for me to sleep on. I ended up stealing roadies 44.5 in measurement to make it fit between wheel wells because the 3/8ths kept catching and I couldn't get the measurement and cut correct for the fit I wanted (still not happy with fitment but have to deal with what I have at this point. Realizing I Can't be a perfectionist on the first go). Cut down the back 11 inches to fit inside the hatch and then eye balled to cut the corner for access to the cargo areas under storage tray.

That's as far as I got yesterday and today. Hopefully I can make supports down the middle the equivalent width of the center console so once it's done I have a nice long tray in the middle for land bridges to slide down into and in the back have extra storage for odd shaped items that won't fit nicely in the boxed. Driver side drawer will be permanent while the passenger side I want to be able to tilt up and access the under storage area still.(like how jd has his side access panel)

I want the boxes to be roughly 12" tall so I can sleep above them inside the truck comfortably with my dogs with me. The middle of the truck will have supports to hold my weight but I still want them to be 3 sided for access from the doors. The middle storage will go back to where the floor raises for the 3rd row seats just behind the doors. The boxes will end at the front part of the cargo area at that same point. I still have to figure out how I'm going to make the passenger box raise without needing a cutout for clearance on the sleeping platform.

Been a long trying tiresome day and hopefully not too tiresome reading this.
Picture of bracing I attempted under the 3/4. Hopefully enough room to access the fuse block and pcm.
Picture of today's final product with the base set in
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