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NTM TB in Philly

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by vernk » Sun Oct 11, 2020 10:54 pm


Evening Ladies and Gents
That’s New To Me TB in Philly

Just got my hands on an 03 EXT after months and months of searching. Found this one with 120k mild rust on frame. Suspension feels solid. Overall good ride.

Scored her at 2500.

Some issues of course which I’ll slowly tackle.

The goal is to commute, trail the many kids along, camping, light off roading/trails, maybe even convert to a temporary living quarters while on distant travels.

I do want a modest lift and ties to go with it that are road and trail worthy. Currently she sits in OE mode.

I’m currently on multiple treatments with an ozone generator to rid her of the cig smoke smell. Amazing how it works, still lingering so hopefully a few more will have it gone or minimally noticeable.

Story time:

On the way to look at this truck, my pickup, a 92 ranger that I was gifted, decided to poop on me Stumble, while knock and smoke and die as I pulled up. Amazing how the good Lord works. I’ve gone to see no less than 8 TBs and Envoys over The past 6-8 months and this one happened To be in the best condition at the best deal. And my truck quits on the right day. Anyway I was going to tow it home so I called AAA. The nicest tow guy arrived and was all nostalgic as he used to have a similar gen ranger. Same features, stick, 8 plug i4. It felt good... so I gifted it to him. He immediately has plans to upgrade and revive my “Dented Up Danny”.

And currently I’m super happy with this TB find. All the typical new to me work is in thought and practice. Oil, wipers, cleaning, etc...

Well that’s my story... the origin story
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by Diacom » Mon Oct 12, 2020 12:13 pm


Welcome to ORTB. Sounds like you have a good idea of what you hope to accomplish.

Here's a suggestion for using the ozone machine if no one mentioned it to you yet. Run the vehicle with the A/C on and in recirc mode for 20-30 min with the ozone running. This will help remove the smoke smell from places that it just wont reach normally. Also a good cleaning of all surfaces is difficult due to areas such as under the dash and seats, so hopefully with the air movement it will assist with the smell.

Enjoy your TB and I hope it turns out exactly as you plan it.
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