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by DconBlueZ » Mon May 25, 2020 8:30 am

I have a 2008 Envoy SLE with 4WD. Bought it used from an older couple with 83k miles on it about a year ago.

First thing I did after purchase was take it to my favorite mechanic who said they had replaced 3 transmissions in TB/Envoys in the last month because they overheat, and recommended putting a heavy duty trans cooler in it, so I had them do that.

It's my first 4WD and I'd like to lightly optimize it for camping and light offroad. I also pull light trailers with it often. So far I've really only taken it out once - pulled a lightly loaded 5x8 enclosed trailer across a wet pasture on a hill to/from a campsite with no problems.

Thanks for letting me participate in the forums, looking forward to learning and perhaps sharing. I plan to build removable sleeping/storage in the back and have some ideas sketched out.

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by Diacom » Tue May 26, 2020 11:56 am


Keep an eye on your plans. They have a tendency to grow after reading over this site.

If you are going to tow, in addition to the trans-cooler you might look at gearing next. If you have 3.42's and you lift your Envoy you may further cause trans heat issues between the oversized tires and trailer. Decide how much lift and then plan a re-gear around that. Even with out a lift a re-gear can help with towing at a partial trade off of fuel mileage when not. Say 4.10's if you pull a lot.

Anyways, welcome and be sure to hit up the Facebook page if you have questions that don't get answered here or if you need a more immediate response.
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