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Hello from KS

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by SteelWill54 » Tue Jul 18, 2017 1:00 am

Hey there. I've been learning from much of the great information here for a while now (I've owned my 4wd G80 Envoy for three years), but decided it was finally time to register and participate some. I'll still be doing more reading and learning than contributing because y'all are way further down this road than I am.

We don't have a ton in the way of rock crawling around here, but I hope to make my Envoy into a solid trail rig. I have some z71 springs on the way, a 2.5" lift for the front with some HD Bilsteins, and I'll be working on the rear shocks next. A few steps at a time, I guess.

I appreciate how much help this place has already been, and I know I will only get further down the rabbit hole now...
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Name: Bill
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