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Lost 3"body and front diff removal

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by Bhc236 » Thu Sep 01, 2016 7:20 pm

I have done much research on removal of the front diff since I'm believing is blown with almost an inch or more of play in the cv. I have to replace the rack and pinion so with that out and the 3" body can I squeeze it out the back side without jacking up the motor or removing the AC pump, fan shroud/radiator and battery tray I'm at a complete loss due to reading up and seeing how involved this is going to be since we don't have a spare vehicle. At this point in time my front end is so beat the entire front end will need to be rebuilt I miss being in the woods. Please help thank you in advance.
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by navigator » Fri Sep 02, 2016 8:43 am

I have a 2" body lift and took mine out the front/top. Jacking the motor up makes getting to some of the diff bolts much easier. I am not sure the body lift made any difference. I left my radiator in but took the fan/should out and replaced my water pump while I had access. You have to disconnect the AC compressor but not any lines, just lay them on top. I took my battery tray out but thought afterward you might be able to leave it in. If you are replacing a bunch of front end parts, you might be able to come out the front/bottom, I haven't looked at it from that perspective. You can l likely do it all in a weekend but it might be good to borrow/rent a car for a few days in case you need extra parts. I think for my front diff, I started on Friday afternoon for a few hrs and finished Sat afternoon and that included the water pump, AWD sleeve, grease fitting in the disconnect, parts run for a new universal etc, I did it alone and am kind of slow.
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