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by Trail X » Fri Jan 08, 2016 4:13 pm

Back in the summer, I installed a theme matching the forum theme on a mirrored wordpress installation with the intent of getting it off the ground to finally have the two sides of the ORTB site match and more importantly provide better delivery of the content to PC and mobile users.

Well, needless to say, you'll notice that the forum theme still does not match the www side. :facepalm: So a newer member expressed interest in helping, and unofficially joined the team a couple months back to help my lazy ass get in gear. He's provided a ton of enthusiasm, new ideas, and expertise to the project already, and he's just getting started.

So, I'd like to formally announce our newest ORTB team member, Mason Nelson (mason10198) into the role of Article Administrator.

As Article Administrator his primary focus will be on the www side article content, finding ways to better display the information, and to turn forum threads into official articles. He will also retain So if you have any ideas for articles, ideas of how to display them, or wish to submit an article, please contact Mason or I.

Welcome to the team Mason!
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Trail X
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by mason10198 » Fri Jan 08, 2016 10:31 pm

Thanks for the intro James! I'm really excited to be able to help with the site that has already provided me so much.

As stated above, if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for articles or how to display them, please let me know!

For anyone who is wondering, most of these "articles" are essentially going to be shiny new versions of some of the best writeups on the forums. Some will be written from scratch, and others will come from the wealth of informational posts right here on the forum. I will be digging through the forum and finding useful posts that can be used on the WWW side of the ORTB site (the homepage), and will turn them into articles like the one HERE written by James.

This will give an easier approach for new users to find the information they might be looking for, instead of having to dig through the entire forum themselves looking for that information.
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