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Completed: Middle section of the K-trail, Oklahoma

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by melliott2112 » Sat Oct 21, 2017 12:20 am

The K-trail has three sections going from Clayton,OK to Mena,AR. The western section is supposed to be the more difficult and the eastern section is mostly maintained. Since I was alone I decided to do the middle section from the Old Indian Highway to US-259. Most of the trip can be done in two wheel drive but it is slow going because of the rocks and how narrow it is. If you are picky about the paint don't go because the trees are getting you on both sides and the roof throughout most of the trip. Although the weather was nice I had to keep the windows up from the mass invasion of stick bugs. I ran into an older man up there scouting for a hunting spot who gave me some good insight on the area. I will go back with the family after hunting season and hopefully some others to do the western section as well.
The old lookout tower. There are several fire rings here. This is where most people stop for the night that's doing the whole trip.
I had to stop for a look.
This picture doesn't show how steep this hill gets or the larger rocks towards the top. It is the only spot that I needed 4wd.
the beginning mile or so is well maintained county road
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by TBYODA » Sat Oct 21, 2017 11:15 pm

Very nice looked like fun trip. Get some armor under your SUV before you knock off the oil plug. Our vendor MDB makes great produces, see the following links.
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