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by OregTrailBlazin » Thu Jan 06, 2011 2:23 pm

XTREMECHARGE Battery Chargers And POWERPULSE Battery Maintainers from PULSETECH

Check them out here--

PulseTech's unique, patented pulse technology charges and desulfates 12 volt lead-acid batteries optimally to keep vehicles and equipment running longer. This is the newest technology in battery charging and battery maintenance. Their patented Pulse Technology works with all types of lead-acid batteries including sealed, gel cell and AGM. By keeping the plates clean, a battery charges faster and deeper so it works harder and lasts longer than you ever thought possible. It also has greater charge acceptance to recharge faster and release all of its stored energy. This patented and unique technology has been used extensively by the military; it can increase your battery's life 5X! With more available energy, your vehicles last longer between recharges and your electronic accessories work better. You get the true power of your batteries and full potential of your electronic systems. They offer a charger/maintainer (XtremeCharge Charger) for vehicles and batteries that tend to sit for long periods and need charging/maintaining/conditioning while they are inactive and an onboard maintainer unit (PowerPulse Maintainer) that constantly monitors and condtions your battery for maximum performance and longevity on vehicles used more often and daily. Click here for more info in a .pdf file.
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