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by CCTB » Sat Jan 27, 2018 11:44 pm

About 8 months ago (end of May) I had a pretty bad oil leak and didn't notice until i was on the way to work one day and I think it threw a rod through a cylinder wall (not completely certain). But I got numerous second opinions and everyone said they think the engine is toast and should be replaced. I decided to try and replace it myself and learn as i go. Long story short, after numerous delays, setbacks, and dollars spent, :mechanic: finally got the old motor out in December and found a used 2005 motor with a 5 year warranty and bought that. after doing the seemingly meaningless tasks and jumping through all the hoops required for the warranty, i finally got the motor in and connected last week :woot: only for it to not start. :facepalm: :wallbash: Which may very well have been the most disappointed i have ever been in my life. At this point I have narrowed the problem down to an issue with the fuel pump. I think it is some problem with the ECU because the fuel pump was replaced not long ago and I cannot hear the whir from it when I turn the key on. any thoughts on what the issue could be?
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