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by JD8181 » Fri May 27, 2016 10:38 pm

Ok guys I'm at a lost. Asi had posted before my trailblazer has a popping noise in the front end. It is random a lot of times, but today I could almost get it to do it on command. It does it when I come to a stop and then hit the gas to take off. 90% of the time it's just one pop, but a few times it popped twice. It will also do it sometime turning and sometime over bumps. I can feel it in the floorboard and you can tell it's coming from the drivers so. I did put the trailblazer 4wd and it popped just the same.

So far I have changed both sway bar links, sway bar bushings, uca bushing, and also upper ball joint. I thought maybe it was the break sticking so I took the caliper and pads off. Compressed the Pistons, and also bleed it. I also drained the front diff to check to make sure the fluid didn't have any metal in it and it didn't. The oil was clean. But still no luck.

So what are you guys thinking? About all the it left is the cv (I felt it and there was no up and down play, lower ball joint, lca bushings. Could it possibly be the front drive shaft going into the front diff (like the joint)?

Any help would be great. I hate throwing money at it and not getting it fixed.
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by lifted voy » Fri May 27, 2016 11:29 pm

I'd try rocking it from side to side with wheels straight then turned, bounce the front in each corner and see if you can replicate it. Then you can crawl around while someone rocks it and pinpoint the noise. There's seems to be a very common issue with the sway bar links on these, even new ones with the nut backing off just enough to make noise. Just my 2 cents
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by hilljb » Sat May 28, 2016 12:25 am

Just throwing out possible diagnosis ideas...

What happens if you disconnect the sway bar links, zip tie the links in place so that they don't rattle, and drive then? I had a similar issue. The new bushings and sway bar links still made noise. I removed the sway bar and my noise went away.
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by TBYODA » Sun May 29, 2016 7:14 pm

Possible that you have lose (mostly worn out) outer TRE, I had some random clunks and found this. ... Xc2MVlWbVk
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