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by Trail X » Wed Nov 07, 2018 4:02 pm

I've been having some bad steering wheel vibrations on the interstate lately. It sounds similar to some of the things I've heard guys complain about before, but I never saw a resolution.

The vibrations occurred mainly on the highway, but only for the first mile or so. The vibrations would then settle out. Never had any pull one way or another. Tires all seemed fine, proper inflation, no flat spots.

I started realizing the brakes on the passenger side were getting very hot after driving. Sure enough, if I lifted the passenger tire off the ground, I could barely spin the tire by hand.

Turns out I had a frozen caliper piston, and as the rotor heated up it would warp and then once it reached steady state, the warp would become uniform across the rotor, which would eliminate the vibration. It was really odd.

Anyways, I got that all settled out. Caught it before the rotor and pads were ruined. Amazing how cheap calipers are.

Also, does anyone know why vacuum bleeders don't seem to work on our brakes?
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