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by tsmith1156 » Wed May 24, 2017 4:10 pm

mason10198 wrote:Don't worry everyone... I'm indeed still alive! It's been a while and a lot has happened, and I fell behind on keeping y'all updated here... I've almost got the TB completely back together and running with a few big new upgrades. I'll pop up a quick list of what I can think of right now that has happened since the last time I posted, and heres a link to a Google Photos album rather than attempt to upload 500 pics to this forum :finger:

Pulled the blown motor along with its transmission, replaced with 90k mile identical I6 motor and transmission from another 2005 TB
On the replacement motor, replaced all sensors, front and rear crank seals, replaced oilpan (was cracked), cleaned oil sump pickup, replaced rusty old coolant/heater pipes and other exterior hardware, new valve cover and gaskets, new water pump, new crank pulley (harmonic balancer assembly), new idler and tensioner pulleys, cleaned exhaust and intake ports/valves/manifolds, new exhaust and intake gaskets, new coolant inlet/thermostat gaskets, and wire brushed the whole thing (shiny!), yadayadayada...

    PCMofNC Efan kit
    New ujoints front and rear
    4.56 gear swap
    8.6 EXT axle swap
    Elocker installed in rear axle
    Added MarkMC 1.5" wheel spacers
    New 35" BFG KM2's
    New fluids in everything
    New 250A H/O alternator
    New Duracell AGM battery
    New 0 gauge alternator to battery cable
    Fresh freon in the A/C
    Made some longer diff breathers and ran them into engine bay
    New headlight assemblies with fancy new silverstar bulbs
    New ceramic brake pads on rear
    and whatever else im forgetting to add.....

New carpet should be here tomorrow so I can start rebuilding the interior, and should be getting tires put on the rims tomorrow as well. Almost done!!

Sounds like you'll be ready to go soon enough!
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by HawkeyeC25 » Wed May 31, 2017 12:55 am

Nice work dude!! Great album, and excellent results!! :cheers:
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