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by Administrator » Wed Sep 09, 2009 6:50 pm

Welcome to the vendor section of!

This section is designed with the vendor in mind, while allowing our members to easily navigate and find off-road related products for their trucks. If you are a vendor of off-road products designed for our trucks or provide general off-road gear, please email us admin(at) (or PM any of the Site Admins) if you are interested in becoming a vendor.


To become a vendor, you must have a product you are actively selling. 'Concepts' or 'future ideas' do not count. You must also be able and willing to support your product on this forum.

Vendor status may be removed at any time without notice.

There are no endorsements, implied or explicit, by the forum toward any of the vendors. Vendor members represent their parent company, and do not necessarily represent the views of this website.


In order to keep the vendor section clean and provide easier navigation to a specific vendor's product, we will graciously create a vendor specific sub-forum on the following guidelines:

  • Vendor has 1 or more TrailBlazer or off road products available for sale. No, vaporware!! Product must be real and available for resale.
  • A thread for the above products must be created within the vendor forum so that Site Admins can approve the new sub-forum. We don't want an empty subforum.
  • Links or methods to purchase products must be mentioned within your threads so members can easily purchase said product.
  • Once at least 1 thread/product is up and available, email admin at to attain your own subforum (Please include the name you would prefer to have as a sub-forum).

In addition to the above, any vendor that caters to off-road products such as a lift, off road equipment, etc. gets the added rank of "Off-Road Vendor".

Thanks again for your support!


To further commend the support of our Off Road Vendors, we are offering a free banner program. Please contact JamesDowning if you are interested in this program. There are a few guidelines:

  • Standard banner size: 468px — 60px
  • No banner animations
  • Positioned at the header and main vendor page
  • Vendor must attempt to provide customer support on the OffroadTB forum
  • Banners are approved/removed at the OffroadTB team's discretion


We currently do not charge for being a Vendor, but we ask that our vendors use the donation system of this site as they feel appropriate to repay this site for the services we provide.
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