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by GreatLakes » Tue Sep 05, 2017 11:11 pm

okay so I've done alot of searching and found some helpful input but heres my situation. Last weekend I installed the RC 2" lift,moog 81114,Bilstein 4600 combination. My factory springs were 82/83. I have 3 speed bumps near my house I can't avoid going to work. going over 10mph I get a huge bang. 5mph and under I don't hear anything. I'm pretty positive it's my shocks topping out(with my set up I'm probably topped out at rest) my question/concern is: will the bilsteins be able to handle being constantly topped out? could severe damage to front end steer components happen? I currently don't have any added weight up front but will be installing a Curt receiver hitch(60lb),bull bar(30lb) and possibly a "Sparebumper"(20lb) (shock absorbing hitch step to minimize shock and damage if hit by another car). Would that 100lb make any difference? Should I switch to the Moog 81112 which are the same rate but 1/2" shorter?
FWIW: I'll be adding moog 81069(z71) rear springs,3/4" RC spacer and Bilstein 5100 this weekend

After a week of an unbearable horrible ride and loud clunks over the smallest of bumps I removed the RC 2" spacer leaving my Moog 81114 and Bilstein 4600. The ride comfort is amazing. Stiffer and "tighter" then the original 82/83 springs yet not unbearable with no aftermarket weight upfront. I went from 33.25" fender height to 35.25". while not the maximum lift possible,for a daily driver weekend offroader its near perfect.
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by HawkeyeC25 » Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:29 am

Nice work at the troubleshooting! Sounds like the springs + spacers were just a bit too much. A heavy steel bumper up front would help settle it back down. But I'm not sure 100lbs would be enough to want the spacers back in. New springs will settle down a little tho - might want to try the spacers again after riding around with your extra front weight on the setup as is. Making sure you have a little droop is definitely necessary. Most front shocks won't take a ton of abused from topping out. Welcome to the forum!
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by TBLAZER_02 » Fri Sep 29, 2017 11:49 am

Hi all

I just took my moog 81114 and 4600hd to my local tire shop to have them build the strut with the rough country 2" lift and for some reason the spring doesn't sit straight (see pic) does anyone know why this is happening as the tire shop has no clue.

I spent months looking online and researching using these parts together and asking questions on whether they would work and I really didn't get much of a response to say no it wouldn't. I just really need to know am I going to have to send back this Rough Country lift and if so what lift can I use in its place as we're pretty limited on an 02 Trailblazer EXT LT

Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated

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by TBYODA » Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:08 pm

I am pretty sure that’s normal and will settle.
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